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Dear Holly Friend,


Greetings from Holly Vista Orchard. It's October as we sit down to write this letter. Every year at this time as the berries begin to ripen, our appreciation for this unique natural product is renewed. We have owned Holly Vista Orchard since 1988 and holly literally surrounds our home. As you think about ordering holly we know you and the gift recipient will be impressed by the beauty, color and form of our unique holly products. Holly is a classic expression of traditional holiday decorating and we strive to make sure each product we produce will be appreciated for the natural beauty. A vase of fresh holly adds a beautiful touch to holiday decorating. 


Our prices include priority mailing with tracking. We have organized our shipping into two shipping dates. November 29 and December 6 to make sure your holly is received as fresh as possible. Orders received after December 10 will ship as Express Mail to make sure your holly is received for Christmas. There is a $20 upcharge per item shipped this week.


We hope we will be able to help out with your holiday gift and decorating needs. As we have said in the past years we enjoy seeing the familiar names coming back to us each year as well as the new customers we begin working with. As a small family business we appreciate each and every one of you who entrust us with helping with your holiday needs. We hope you have a special holiday season.



The Owen Family

About us


Holly Care

  • Holly is an evergreen, but like any cut foliage, will eventually become dry. We suggest that you keep your cut holly in a cool place, not exposed to intense heat or cold.


  • Cut holly will last considerably longer if the stems are placed in water, similar to cut flowers. Add fresh water immediately. Add fresh water several times weekly. 


  • Wreaths and are usually hung outdoors. In warm and dry climates, or if hung inside, misting the leaves daily will prolong their freshness.


  • Avoid placing any holly arrangement in direct sunlight or in any area of direct heat. 


  • Do not allow cut holly to freeze. 

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